Tailor Made Tire Solutions

A hand in hand approach with our customers

Eurofitting Solutions core business is the development and distribution of tailor made tire solutions in all kind of uses. We focus on specific niche markets where no specialized tire solutions are existing and where companies are looking for better tyre solutions.

How do we work?

We analyse in depth the market needs to understand fully what are the constraints and the requirements for the customers and the tires. Then, we develop a specific tire solution to respond to these needs. Once the prototype has been developed and approved, we create the appropriate mould in order to produce the final. During the whole process, we integrate our customers to validate the steps in our development process.

Retreading process Technical information


mouldAll our tires are based on an exclusive retreat process to manufacture a high-end customized tire at very competitive price.

This process also ensures a sustainable usage of raw material, leading to a reduction of CO2.


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